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Product Information

The high-tech ATEX approved Wolf Rechargeable Torch range uses the latest technology to give excellent performance, robustness and reliability in the most extreme conditions.

Wolf Rechargeable Torches are CE marked to the ATEX Directive and IECEx Certified, allowing use in Zone 1 or Zone 0 potentially explosive atmospheres, where a T4 temperature class permits.

The compact and lightweight Wolf Rechargeable Torch design has a high-grip ergonomic form with easy single handed switching, even with gloved hands. The high strength torch body has proven impact resistance even at sub zero temperatures. The rubber armoured lens ring and end cap give enhanced grip and shock protection. The lens is resistant to scratches and chemical attack. The enclosure is sealed dust tight and protected from water immersion, with a certified IP67 enclosure. The right-angle body arrangement incorporates a replaceable high strength thermoplastic belt clip for hands free use.

Unique optics deliver a piercing beam with outstanding light output from the high power LED or the halogen bulb versions. Duration is over 3 hours; selecting half power doubles this duration. State of battery charge is indicated with a bar of high intensity red LEDs, which go out as battery charge diminishes. Towards the end of discharge, the beam flashes off repeatedly, warning recharging is required. Use of the latest lithium-ion battery technology improves reliability and eliminates ‘memory’ affect.

The ‘quick’ charger is configured as a torch holder, with ‘snap in/snatch out’ function, for quick release but secure retention. The charger is powered by vehicle voltages, but can run from mains voltages when used with the mains power supply. Very low maintenance and quick component replacement are key benefits of this product range. The LED light source is expected to last the product lifetime; the bulb is long life, a spare is supplied in the torch. All models are supplied with wrist straps and clip rings.

Technical Specification

4W beam (approx 6°)
Peak luminous intensity at 5m, 340lux

3W LED beam (approx 6°)
Peak luminous intensity at 5m, 630lux

Technical Diagrams

Product referenceR-30 R-50 R-55
Product description Rechargeable safety torch, right-angle
Zone 1 Halogen Zone 1 LED Zone 0 LED
Code II 2GD Ex e ib IIC T4
tD A21 IP67 T85°C
II 2GD Ex ib IIC T4
tD A21 IP67 T85°C
II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 IP67
Type of protection“e” increased safety, “ia/ib” intrinsic safety, “tD” protection by enclosure
Area of class (gases) Zones 1 and 2 Zones 0, 1 and 2
Gas groups IIA, IIB and IIC
Temp. class (gases) T4
Area of class (Dust) Zones 21 and 22 -
Max surface temp. (Dusts) T85°C -
Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C
Certificate Baseefa 05ATEX0068
IECEx BAS 05.0070
Baseefa 05ATEX0069
IECEx BAS 06.0001
Enclosure Impact resistant thermoplastic, electrostatic non-hazardous
Lens Polycarbonate, impact resistant with hardcoat Toughened glass 4mm
Beam type Spot
Light source: Pt. no. R-451  -
 TypeHalogen filled filament bulb  High power LED
Volts 6.0V   -
Watts 4 Watts   3 Watts
Output 54 lm   up to 185 lm
Life 300 hours   25000 hours
Power source:Pt. no.R-271
  TypeRechargeable battery, Lithium-Ion
LifeUp to 500 recharge cycles
Light durationUp to 3.5/6.5 hours
Ingress protectionIP67 to EN60529: 1992
Weight (excl. cells)0.340 Kg0.375 Kg
Torch with charger 12-24Vdc
Recharge Time 3.0 hrs (90% in 1.5 hrs)

Charger Technical Specification

Rechargeable Torch Charger and Mains Adaptor

Rechargeable Torch with Charger and Mains Adaptor

RC-200 and RC-212 chargers are for use with all torches in the Wolf Rechargeable Torch range. The Lithium Ion battery is charged within the torch via charging studs on the side. The chargers are designed to hold the torch while charging, using a ‘snap in/snatch out’ function, for quick release but secure retention, even in vehicle applications, enabling them to always be ready for use.

The RC-200 charger with RC-452 DC supply cable is for use at low voltages of 12-24VDC for vehicle applications, the RC-212 charger with RC-300 plug-top Mains Adaptor is for use at mains voltages of 100VAC to 230VAC or at 254VAC, 60Hz ‘rig voltage’. The Mains Adaptor is supplied with pin configurations for UK, EU, US and Australia.

All products listed are CE marked compliant with all relevant EC directives (EMC and LVD as applicable). Additionally the RC-200 and RC-212 carry the e11 mark showing compliance with the 95/54/EC ‘Automotive EMC’ directive for use in vehicles operated by the Emergency Services.

All chargers may be used free standing or can be bench or wall mounted.


Technical Drawings      E11 Certified

Product referenceRC-200 + RC-452RC-212 + RC-300
Product descriptionTorch charger with DC supply cableTorch charger with plug-top mains voltage adaptor
Input voltage12-24Vdc100-230Vac*
EnclosureHigh impact thermoplastic
Insulation classIIIIII + II
Recharge time3.0 hrs (90% in 1.5 hrs)
Ingress protectionIP20
Weight 0.275kg 0.275kg + 0.125kg
Mounting All chargers may be bench or wall mounted ormounted using the charger bank option


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